Just A Dollar A Week! 
That's all we're asking. Will you donate 15 cents a day, a dollar a week, to help us help the horses? 
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A project of Habitat for Horses

"If enough people donated a dollar a week, these horses would have everything they need!"

That statement, made by a volunteer, started the "Dollar a Week" project. In these hard economic times donations have dropped, but the demand for our service continues to increase. We're always happy to receive large donations, but EVERY dollar helps. A dollar a week CAN make a difference. A dollar a week, less than 15 cents a day, when added to the dollars of others, can do miracles!

Eight people donating a dollar a week buys a bale of hay. Twelve people donating a dollar a week buys a bag of feed. Two people donating a dollar gives us enough to buy worming medicine.

Can you spare 15 cents a day?
When you click on the "Subscribe" button PayPal will ask for your information. Once completed, you automatically send Habitat for Horses a dollar a week!

Thank you! Your support makes all the difference in the world to so many horses. To you, it's 15 cents a day. To them, it's often a matter of life and death. Your dollar does count!

Habitat for Horses is a fully accredited (The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries) nonprofit 501.c.3 located in Texas. On the average, we handle 400 equine a year. At any one time, we maintain around 150 equine at our ranch and in foster homes. Most come from severe abuse or neglect cases through our work with law enforcement. We do not receive any federal, state or local funding. It all comes from our supporters.
They depend on us to provide them with food, shelter, to heal their mental and physical wounds, to retrain them and to find them a place to call home. Needless to say, it takes a lot of money, but all we're asking from you is 15 cents a day. Will you help?
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