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That's all we're asking. Will you donate 15 cents a day, a dollar a week, to help us help the horses? 
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A project of Habitat for Horses

When you click on the "Subscribe" button PayPal will ask for your information. Once completed, you automatically send Habitat for Horses a dollar a week!

Thank you! Your support makes all the difference in the world to so many horses. To you, it's 15 cents a day. To them, it's often a matter of life and death. Your dollar does count!

Did you know...

...that you can subscribe to our blog and read some great stories about horses?

...that we have a FaceBook page?

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...that you can join us our website and look at everyone of the horses?

...that you can look up our financial records on GuideStar? (90% of every dollar donated dollar goes to the horses)
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